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Mobile Applications, Cloud, WiFi MESH, Publishing, Metadata

by wwwalker, almost 3 years ago

I started in 1997 because I did not want to see America doing all the internet work and develop portals, backend systems and mobile applications using Linux and Windows software.

I develop open source based mobile applications that integrate with transport systems such as

I specialise in metadata and seach engine technology as I am both information manager and software engineer. I pioneered Web indexing and was first before USA and UK in developing this area when Webmaster of Australian Society of Indexers in late 1990s. I catalogue and edit books and publish in paper and ebook format.

I work on WiFi MESH using my own inhouse Google mashup system. I plan to use MESH to extend reach of NBN. I am in favour of NBN FTTP but the current government will slow speed to save money. I tendered for a WiFi trial in Sunshine Coast in 2012 but BigAir won it.

I plan to build cloud services for small businesses to process financial information.

I am a violinist and pianist and can use that creativity and music background in community orchestras and choirs to create good business plans that reach the community for entertainment and enrichment. I was president of Waverley Randwick Philharmonic Society Inc and pioneered the first Website for a community orchestra in Sydney as I was a geek president and crossed music with IT. I can compose music using MIDI and publish digital media through Linux servers.