How to improve your rankings on Google

by fabwintle, 10 months ago

As a digital champion with a passion helping small businesses succeed, I love to share quick tips on how businesses could improve their online presence and capture more leads, without paying a cent.

A really great tool to use is your free listing on Google, called 'Google My Business listing'. Getting your listing set up is the first, important step to optimise your business for Local Search.

This tool is absolutely under utilised by Queensland small businesses and could give your business a competitive advantage, very quickly.

Today I am sharing a few steps to help you - hopefully - appear on the top of Google for the services you provide, just like the top 3 restaurants in Coolum below.

Setting up your Google My Business listing

  • Head over to Google My Business and set up your listing. Note, if you already have a listing it will tell you. you may need to claim it (and wait for the postcard to arrive to validate it, or transfer the ownership to you).
  • Fill it out 'to the max'. Don't forget to add categories, photos (in all different categories), opening hours
  • Tips: your address needs to be written the exact same way as the way it is written on your website and everywhere else online (so no 'Corner of Bloomfield and Smith Street', but 1043 Bloomfield street instead). 
  • Get reviews and respond to them!

Other factors that will help your Google My Business listingWhen setting up your Google My Business listing you're really signalling to Google that you're ready to be a contender in the local search seo game.Getting the listing set up is one big step, but other action should be taken to reinforce the local presence of your business.

  • Sign up with local directories (search for 'local directories' on Google) and utilise the same Business name, Address and Phone number
  • Ensure your full address is listed on every page of your website

More information on how to utilise local search for your tourism business on Tourism Tribe and on Moz Local 

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