Students Hungry For Coding Outside the Curriculum

by Rory Johanson, 9 months ago

We have about 3000 students from years 7-12 at the moment.  Every year I put out a call for new students to come and join the coding club.  This club is student driven and I just try to facilitate the IT and resources and help out where I can.  I do structure the club over the school year by inviting guest speakers from a variety of areas including: design, language, logic and reason, IT and business to give a quick presentation at the start of the lunchtime session.

53 students turned up for this years club!

The range of skill level is from 'complete novice' to 'probably able to bring down the eastern states.'  The gender mix is encouraging with a lot of girls signing up; however, the enthusiasm for a place and space to engage with this technology outside of the curriculum amongst like minded peers is heartening to see.

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