'Will there even be a Future-U?' series of community talks

by Jonathan Nalder, 9 months ago

In 2035 there is a very good chance that Queensland, like the rest of the world, will have entered the post-work era. To prepare leaders and educators for this time, 2017 AQD Champ Jonathan Nalder is doing several talks on what this may mean at schools, libraries, online and even in the USA throughout May and June.

If 40-70% of todays jobs have disappeared by the time today's kindergarteners graduate, what are the skills that will enable them to still have thriving lives and be able to contribute to their communities? This is the basis for the talk Jonathan is giving at Bulimba State School, State Library of Queensland, Meridian State College (online) and in Texas and Boston (USA). To answer this question, he presents a new big-picture framework of 'meta-skills' known as the Future Literacies that points the way forward. This framework has been developed with the help of several prominent Queensland educators, who have come together with a total of 80 (so far) experts from 11 countries to collaborate on pro-active ways to respond to the coming post-work era.

All Advance Queensland Digital Champs are invited to join the group's community space to meet like-minded experts in this area - and if you are also interested please email contact@future-u.org to find out more and have Jonathan do a talk to your business, department or school about how all Queenslanders can thrive tomorrow, starting today.

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