Celebrating Indigenous Business Month

by Leesa Watego, over 1 year ago

For the second year in a row, the Indigenous business community is celebrating Indigenous Business Month. Most Australians don't realised that since time immemorial Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have been trading and engaging in commerce, both within and across the continent, as well as with others from other places, in particular the country we now know of as Indonesia. Stereotypes about Aboriginal people, communities and cultures exist that assumes that we do not 'do' business nor are adept at it. Indeed I still meet Australians everyday who are surprised and confounded by the very idea of Indigenous business.

Indigenous Business Month is a focus month where we celebrate the diversity of our work and our growing Black economy. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are represented in every Industry from construction to culture, from defence to digital.

Indeed our digital businesses are going great guns with increasing numbers of digital based enterprises being developed across the continent. The success of last month's First Indigenous Startup Weekend at the State Library of Queensland is a testament to the energy and talent found within the digital space in Indigenous Australia.

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