Looking forward to teaming up and networking with StartUp EcoSystem of SEQ at CityHack 2016 (25-27 Nov 2016)

by Ags, over 1 year ago

Categories and Problems: There are 5 categories to address over the weekend:

1.The way we experience the city – activate the river, wheelchair accessibility, inner city green space, attracting international expos, condensed living, social interactions (integrated guide to events, bands, markets, available restaurants, travel, parking, and accommodation), city safety and bringing it all together.

2.Maximising idle assets – Air bnb of idle assets – stadiums, carparks etc.

3.International students and visitors – attraction and living experience of international students and visitors to SEQ.

4.Work & Life balance - over-supply of inner-city apartments, healthy communities, distanced workforce, work/life balance, working from anywhere, flexible working.

5.Congestion, accessibility and parking – Cycle safety, use of car park spaces once driverless cars are adopted, congestion, driverless cars, car sharing, carparking, maximising travel times, optimising mobility.

There are 3 specific problems within this 5 categories that will be briefed in full on Friday night.

DataSome of the data you require is available from the links below. We will also have several data custodians and the Open Data Institute available over the weekend to answer any questions you may have.




The CityHack16 Team

Web: www.aecom.com/cityhack16

E: cityhack16@aecom.com

Ph: 0438 959 721

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