Understanding your options for broadband connection

by ACCAN, about 2 years ago

With so many options on the market it can be confusing and challenging to choose a broadband service that suits your business. ACCAN has published information for small businesses that aims to help them understand the available broadband options so they can make the best choice for the operational needs of their business.

What products are available?

There's a range of Digital Subscriber Line options, as well as Hybrid Fibre Coaxial Cable, wirless and satellite options available to small businesses, our tip sheet gives information on all of these. The product you choose should be the one that best matches your usage requirements. If your business operates in a single location and only needs the internet for email and a small amount of web browsing, then a standard consumer grade retail plan will be fine. However, if your needs are more complex or you have a high demand for reliable high speed services then it may be worth engaging someone to do a full assessment of your telecommunications needs on a commercial basis.

For more information on your broadband options, access the Understanding your options for broadband connection tip sheet.

Once you've explored the options for broadband, read this tip sheet to find out what you should consider before signing up to a broadband plan: Which broadband product is right for my business?

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